Professor Faruque Ghanchi​​
Consultant Ophthamic Surgeon & Retinologist

Professor Ghanchi at ARVO congress, Baltimore, USA.

ARVO is the largest global meeting for vision scientists, ophthalmologists and eye care professionals and academics that takes place annually. This year's meeting in Baltimore had a special symposium for National Institute of Health Research (UK) to enhance clinical and academic research in eye disorders in UK.
Professor Ghanchi shared the work of the NIHR and how collaborative working help improve furthering knowledge through research. A report of the event appeared on the Royal College of Ophthalmologists website as embedded here.

Eye research has grown rapidly over the last decade and has made a significant impact on reducing burden of blindness globally. If you take AMD as an example, clinical research led development of new drugs have revolunised clinical practice these days in how patients with wet AMD are managed. 

Professor Ghanchi has an active interest in clinical research in retinal disorders. He heads the Bradford Ophthalmology Research Network (BORN) at the Bradford Teaching Hospitals.